5th International Marine Debris Conference

SEA-MDI Staff Member and project coordinator, Christine Laporte, is now at 5IMDC (www.5IMDC.org)! While Jenna Jambeck cannot attend to her duties of session chair and speaker (because of being 36 weeks pregnant and unable to fly that far), Christine has been filling in for her and doing all her own work as well! She is presenting a poster on SEA-MDI.
Monday’s session was Innovative Disposal Options for Difficult Situations. Today, she is giving a talk on research conducted by Dr. Jambeck entitled Characterizing Individual Marine Debris Items by Mass. The Marine Debris Tracker App will be highlighted in a talk to be given by Megan Forbes, National Communications Coordinator of NOAA Marine Debris Division on Thursday afternoon entitled A mobile application for marine debris data collection and mapping. And on Friday, Christine will also chair Don’t Fill our Landfills: Alternative Disposal Methods. Christine is also meeting many people and attending all conference days/session. Look for her to say HI if you are there!

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