SEA-MDI formed a consortium of people historically and currently involved in marine debris issues in the three-state SEA-MDI area (NC, SC, GA). Members prioritize marine debris issues to assist in the development of an outreach and education strategy, as well as recommend data collection and research projects targeted for the most critical/highest priority areas. Consortium members:

  • Raise the profile of marine debris issues at the regional and national levels;
  • Provide data for a regional database listing current MD research and projects
  • Share knowledge and innovations regarding marine debris prevention, reduction, and mitigation;
  • Participate in the development of a framework to identify, evaluate, fund, and administer projects that address marine debris and help to restore NOAA trust resource species and habitats in the region. A competitive mechanism or similarly rigorous process (e.g., RFP) will be employed to grant subawards to highly qualified projects that will promote understanding of the issue of marine debris and keys to its prevention.

The Consortium holds electronic meetings and subcommittees/task groups may be formed as needed.

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