Reading Between the Lines: Marine Debris Education for Children in Georgia

The University of Georgia Marine Extension Service and Georgia Sea Grant will educate children in Georgia about the sources and impacts of marine debris. Visiting public and elementary school libraries, we will present multimedia readings of The Flying Debris, an original story in which marine animals living on an island of trash teach children lessons about local and global marine stewardship. Project staff will bring unique custom-built book displays created by local artists to libraries in both coastal and inland counties and provide grade-appropriate teaching materials aligned with state science standards. Each participating library will receive a complementary set of children’s books on marine debris, Georgia marine life, and recycling. We will focus on impacts to Georgia’s coastal and ocean ecosystems and also provide hands-on examples of how local actions can have far-reaching consequences. Children will examine ocean samples collected from the North Pacific Gyre and receive interactive demonstrations using up-cycled products made from debris in Indonesia. Children who attend the book readings will receive a free copy of The Flying Debris along with other materials to help them reduce their use of disposable plastics.

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