About Us

The Southeast Atlantic Marine Debris Initiative is a partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Marine Debris Division.   The primary goals of the Southeast Atlantic Marine Debris Initiative are to:

  • Use innovative technologies and unique expertise to add culturally relevant outreach tools and information to the current NOAA Marine Debris Program. [See our product of this goal, the mobile app available for iPhone and Android, Marine Debris Tracker.]
  • Create a three-state (North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia) marine debris consortium to strategize regional marine debris efforts while facilitating the prioritization of Federal efforts by putting the region into a national context.

The Southeast Atlantic Marine Debris Initiative will enhance existing programs and partnerships by increasing involvement of organizations, industry, and/or communities in preventing marine debris, and combining resources with national and regional partners to increase the geographic scope and pace of marine debris prevention activities through the use of culturally relevant outreach methods, information on alternative disposal methods, and the development and dissemination of tools and innovative products to address marine debris.

Administration of SEA-MDI is out of the University of Georgia, with staff support.

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